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tile removal and installation

Tile Removal 


PD Tiling are professional tilers offering a comprehensive tile removal service. Regardless of whether you just purchased a previously owned home, have made the decision to renovate an already-tiled room in your current home, or are working on a commercial property remodel, we promise you fast, cost-effective tile removal throughout Kerry and Cork.

Leave the laborious, backbreaking work associated with tile removal to the professionals, and we'll get the job done quickly and competently. Floor tile removal, in particular, is a job you shouldn't tackle yourself, especially if you don't have the necessary tile removal tools. A chisel and a hammer will often not be enough to remove those tiles that are particularly difficult to pry off.

With specialised tile removal tools, combined with skill and knowledge, our professional tilers quickly set to work preparing your floors and walls — significantly cutting down on time in the process.

Tile Removal Tools, Knowledge, & Skill

It's not only tile removal we offer. Our tilers have the skills, equipment, and expertise to quickly remove a variety of wall and floor materials, including LVT, vinyl, carpet, hardwood, mortar, and adhesives.

Servicing homes throughout Kerry and Cork, we're committed to cleanliness & keep dust & mess to a minimum - another good reason not to attempt tile removal as a DIY project.  To protect your other rooms, where necessary, we'll also seal off the room we're carrying out the tile removal in.

Our tile removal service includes identifying and covering any vents, thermostats, control panels, alarms, or other things that could be damaged by dust. Similarly, we'll make sure your cabinets and kitchen islands are well-protected when working in bathrooms or kitchens.  And needless to add, we'll sweep or vacuum every surface in your home before we leave, making sure it looks just as spotless as it did before we arrived.

If you're located in Cork or Kerry and have tile removal needs you want to discuss, get in touch today - and find out how we can save you time and unnecessary effort on the job. 

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